Short-notice holiday fun at white beach

by Mark

My girlfriend and I were looking for something to do close to her home of Lipa City.

It was the week between Christmas and New Years and we had no reservations. White Beach and the White Beach Resort were the ticket.

For around $50 per night we had a comfortable room, good food and a wonderful beach experience. The locals were friendly and walking down to the beach we heard no fewer than 5 to 10 different languages...including Farsi, Chinese, French, and cosmopolitan.

I'll be back to explore more of Puerto Galera and Mindoro

Comment from Brett:

Hi Mark,

White Beach in Puerto Galera is a great spot and boy has it changed the last 10 odd years! The whole beach is now dotted with small resorts, restaurants and all sorts of other shops catering for the huge amount of visitors.

White Beach Puerto Galera is extremely busy on weekends as it is a great weekend trip if you live in Manila.

Puerto Galera has lots to offer, diving, snorkeling, golf and many other tours.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


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