Seven Suites Hotel Observatory Hotel-School

by Ysabelli


My friends and I checked-in at Seven Suites Hotel Observatory in Antipolo and we were amazed at their star gazing service and unli treats when you check-in and also we found out that they also run the Asian School of Hospitality Arts, a school within the hotel vicinity.

This is a great training ground for aspiring hotelier like me. 5 star to the brilliant mind who conceptualized this business! :)


Hi Ysabelli,

I have yet to visit and stay at the Seven Suites Hotel Observatory in Antipolo, I must put it on my list to visit. My must visit list keeps on getting bigger and bigger!

Sounds like a fantastic idea, using there telescopes to view the world around you, I know of no other hotel in the Philippines that has this ability.

I have read reports of the Seven Suites not being up to standard, whose standard I’m not sure and I have also read some great reviews of the property from some very satisfied guests. All hotels seem to gather good and bad reviews.

What seems to be unique here is the ability use the observatory.

Also if you are an aspiring chef, seems like a good place to start!

I would love to here from anyone else who has visited the Seven Suites Hotel Observatory. What did they think?

Thanks for letting us know Ysabelli.


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