Sabang, Puerto Galera, Love and hate it

by Paul
(U K )

I have been to sabang beach twice and stayed in the big apple on my last trip.

The big apple is quite basic but it's bar is lively and the dozen or so mini skirted girls who work there really are so nice they make you feel at home.

The bar is open 24 hours and is on the beach so it has lovely sea view and sea breeze.
Each time I go there I say I will not go back but I am planning my third trip.

I think what draws me is the friendliness of the place, their is a lot of ex pats and guys from all over the world mingle and play pool all day while having a beer and listening to music.

It's very easy to meet a lovely girl just by being there or you can choose a girl from the girly bars at night and they stay with you during the day if you wish. They are not forced to go with anybody and can and often do refuse if they get a bad vibe.

It's just very laid back, sandals two pairs of shorts and 2 t shirts is all you need ,oh and a good supply of mosquito repellent but only the local brand called off seems to work.
There are some lady boys around but hey that's no problem they're all part of the mix that is sabang.
Food is great both in the big apple and Some of the local restaurants are top notch.

White beach is a good beach which you need to get a trike to and there are some nice little secluded beaches too.

I recommend giving sabang beach 4 or 5 days. Anymore can get a bit repetitive unless you scuba dive or snorkel. The aquatic life is amazing, like swimming in an aquarium.

On the negative side you do get hassled a bit by vendors and guys trying to get you out on a boat trip but they have to live too.
The place is not 5 star but has a certain addictive simple charm.

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