Sabang beach snorkelling

by Howard Neely

Hi, last June my adult son and I stayed in Sabang for a week, we hired a scooter most days and discovered the local area.

We thought it was mostly great there. Although Sabang beach is a bit dirty at times and it can smell we persevered and did a discover dive course one day.

Once under we were amazed by the sea life just off the shore, we even saw 2 large turtles .The water quality seemed okay and we snorkel a lot in Australia. We also snorkellied out front of the Montani resort, Sabang, again we saw some interesting reef fish, we stayed at Montani and can recommend it.

There are some great roads around Puerto Galera and the scenery and beaches are stunning, better than anywhere I'd seen in Thailand. The road out of Sabang is rutted and quite dangerous but soon changes into some spectacular rides over the hills and headlands.

Im returning to the Phillipines this June and can't wait. Howard Neely.

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