pride more than money in Philippines cockfights

by emvel asques
(sylmar,california, usa)

Filipinos love the sport for the pride of winning. As in most countries, winning is everything..its always been that way. nobody loves a loser. the owner of a winning rooster becomes popular and many people go to him to buy
his roosters and that's one of the reasons roosters are raised by many people there.

If you are an owner of a winning rooster, you can make money on it too. A winning streak will put you in the money. If you don't try it, you wont know the difference. You don't have to own a lot of horses to enter a horse race.

Just a few winners will get you to the top tier and like most sports
Winning is everything. You have to have quality. either that or forget going into the game. you cant get away with second best. you're not dealing with amateurs here.

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