Philippine experiences

by James
(Davao City, Philippines)

we live by expressing our life interest and association with close relatives thru marriages or just family relations. we look to others as a influence and meaning to what makes us happy or unhappy. when you look outside the envelope you tend to look for similar to your life styles.

I was introduced to a Philippine woman by a friends Filipina wife in the United States. I texted her girl friend in Davao City and we started to communicate on a regular basis, actually seven months passed before we quite literally fell in love to the point I sold everything I owned and purchased a ticket to the Philippines. We met in Manila and stayed there for several days to go thru Government requirements to have us get a marriage license. Within a month after arriving in Davao we were married by a District Judge.

Then reality sets in with the language barrier, knowing your way around and being able to exchange money without being scammed over the actual price of things. So your wife goes where ever you need to go to do language and money exchange for you. You have to do banking and that's not easy even when you have and use a credit card to do money exchange and purchasing.

Every thing you rent or buy has to be in your wife's name or both as you cannot own any thing until you have become a citizen which takes a good number of years depending on your status as a tourist card holder. Otherwise being a 78-year old man and married to a 31-year old woman heaven couldn't be better. there will be a lot of adjustment on both sides but you have to work hard to keep it there. Always tell her how much you love her and there is no one above her and you and her will last forever. Hugg her much and the rewards will never be greater. Your true love will always be there for you. Take care and be careful with your new found love because she not a Amercian woman thank God. James

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Jun 13, 2015
my experiences
by: David Hyde

Very interesting story ,hope all works out for you . I married my wife in the Philippines in 1989, while we live here in the states it was a big adjustment for her to American life. She has now lived 1/2 her life in both countries. She is on vacation right now in the Philippines and complains about how long and slow the lines are at the stores and bank. I really enjoy visiting the Philippines the last time i was over there we spent a month at her mom's house near the ocean. I was able to go to the beaches with my metal detector which i doubt had ever been hunted. The biggest problem we had was the phone reception was not very good at the time so no internet at the house. I would ride in to the big city when they went in to get supplies and use a computer cafe to check e-mails. They have a deal through Globe phone now where you can get a USA number to call for $10.00 that transfers you to a local globe number. I enjoy reading historic articles about the Philippines in World War II my dad served there during the war. I love the Philippines ,but it can be a little slow paced ,and it often takes a small bribe to get any thing finished.Lots of great places to see and lots of interesting things to do.

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