Oasis Park Hotel is simply the best

by Manette Abdul - Alzaabi
(Abu Dhabi, ME)

We rarely go in the Philippines since we're busy managing our business. But when my daughter Reem said that she wants to see her lolo and lola in the Philippines and since my husband Sultan never met my relatives, we decided to travel for a vacation.

When already in Manila, we planned to stay in a hotel since there's no enough room for us at our old house and the kids want to experience summer activities also. So we searched for great and affordable hotels and we found The Oasis Park hotel.

I felt so home when the hotel staff welcomed us. Hospitality as Filipinos are known. The food is great, I just missed these dishes they served. Simple, I felt really at home with the way we were treated and served.

The family so bonded watching TV, swimming and having Jacuzzi. They even asked their lolo and lola to join us during our stay there.

In our 5 days of break, It's all about fun, bonding and relaxation. But I honestly worried about the bills thinking that it's so expensive. I was wrong, the price is so cheap. Very affordable and budget - friendly, worth our stay that we even decided to extend for another day.

The next time we'll go home, we'll go to the place that treated us at home, Oasis Park Hotel.

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