Not a Balut virgin anymore

by bennett
(Manila/ NYC)

I just had my first Balut!

I am in Manila with my wife and she dared (twisted my arm) me to try one.

I did it! It really wasn't so bad!

After a quick Google search and finding out it was boiled, I figured it cannot hurt me. I didn't look at it and with my wife at my side, I dipped it in some vinegar and ate it.

It was like a hard boiled egg. Not gross or disgusting like everyone thinks.

I say, go for it, try one, chitterlings are much worse.

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Oct 17, 2010
by: Dave

My girlfriend is a nightly Balut eater (They sell it in the evening) I wouldn't try it at first and then she persuaded me to have just small bites, it wasn't so bad!

Now when we are out, we will both have one, with a little vinegar & salt of course! Tastes just like a boiled egg only a little harder!

I havn't tried the duck version yet only the chicken. Masarap!

Oct 15, 2010
I'll just watch, Thank You!
by: 58zapper

I thought when I would come back to the Philippines this last March, I would try the famous Balut.

But the closer I got to the counter, the more I thought this was not the right time to get sick, in the beginning of my vacation....

So maybe next trip, I'll see if i'am better perpared than this year...JC

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