My filipina NEVER loved me

by Annon
(Fort Riley, KS USA)

Yes, I too was done by a filipina.

I was a staff sergeant in the united states Army when I met her in Jordan and like Albert she gave me her sob story about how rough she had it growning up in Cebu (Camotes Island).

My story is a little more deep due to the fact that the way this one entraped me was by having a child for me.

As soon as she found out she was pregnant by me she embarked on a campaign to destroy everything I had worked for in my 13 year military career before I met her.

I lost my assignment in the US Embassy in Amman, Jordan which I loved and where I met her. I also lost my top secret clearance, before I was able to divorce her she got me out of government housing by calling 911 and I lived in the barracks for 137 days.

I barely got out of it with my rank. She went through $70,000 of my savings in less than 3 years. Now I'm bankrupt and paying her $725 in monthly child support, I have a criminal record and my career has capped.

I will never get promoted with all the stuff I have on my record because of her calling my command everytime we got in an argument.

I love my daughter, but I wish I'd never met her mother.

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by: Anonymous

After being married for 10+ yrs to a filipina, I have to admit it has its unique problems. BUT I WOULDN'T TRADE IT TO BE MARRIED TO A USA lady. YES at 53+ I have major debt. We have a kid. We are getting OUR step kids to USA with a good job. YES we have paid for hospital bills for grandparents, pay for college for step-kids, cousins, etc. What else. YES I AM IN MAJOR DEBT. BUT OTHERS look at me and ask me WHY YOU LOOK SO YOUNG... Did i say I am 53 yr old who looks easily in his 30s

That is a myth
by: Anonymous

That is not true about most filipina's I have heard of.

The only thing I did was show her my bank account with 13 years of savings after that it was all over.

She couldn't understand why I was so frugal and always wanted the most expensive stuff. I was not willing to do that and that is where all the resentment came from. Bought her land for her and her family, plane tickets to see her family, paid her debts ($5,000+) and its still was not enough.

For every story I have heard about a good filipina I have heard two about bad ones. My particular filipina just put up with my "stingyness" until she got to the states and waitited till I deployed and while I was in Iraq she started begging and screaming for a divorce (she was in the US for less than a year).

She refused to file herself because of her residency status so I had to find a lawfirmn that would do most of the paperwork via mail and internet. Once again, she never loved me.

What have you done?
by: Anonymous

What have you done to turn a Filipina into a monster as you have pictured here?

Filipina women by nature have a deep sense of gratitude.

They are loving, caring, but once deceived and extremely hurt can be vengeful.

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