Manila Zoo Disgraceful!

(visited July 20, 2011) I have never once seen a zoo so filled with animals in such disgusting condition.

It saddens me that in paying the entrance fee I supported an establishment with such low regard for animals rights.

To subject large animals such as the lone elephant and hippopotamus as well as the several tigers to conditions as this zoo has, should be seen as criminal.

Putting animals of any kind whether alone or with other animals with limited water supply and in concrete and steel confinements is shameful.

Those in charge of the zoo should realize that they cannot adequately provide their animals with a proper environment to live in. This Manila zoo should not be allowed to opporate the way it does.

The zoo claims that what they need is more funding, but the true answer to the animal cruelty that takes place here, is for it to be shut down or at very least for a drastic reduction in the number of animals caged on the zoo grounds.

This zoo provides a perfect example of how disgracefully humans can treat animals for their own entertainment.

The Manila zoo is a disgrace to Manila.

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Nov 19, 2017
by: Max

Why would you think it would be anything but, i mean just take a look at Manila, its certainly doesn't score high in anything, its dirty and filthy so expect the zoo to be the same as the rest of the place.

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