Mall of Asia not baby friendly

by Marla Cruz
(Vancouver , BC, Canada)

I've recently visited Mall of Asia in June of this year, 2009.

I'm so amazed because it's gigantic and what an awesome view, but one thing I'm so disappointed about is... there's no parent's room.

I had a hard time changing my daughter who was six mos. by then and my tot who is 3yrs old waiting for her turn to pee.

I can see from her face that she's frustrated, upset and angry at the same time, but I couldn't do anything to ease her agony as a mother. I'm very frustrated with this experience...some people in the woman's washroom are so numb with no empathy, they don't even care if you're waiting and hanging on to your baby, waiting for your turn to use the sink and this sink you cannot place down your baby because it was wet everywhere.

To make story short it's not a family friendly place. To think it is the biggest Mall but how convenient is it? It's not built for the family but for...maybe singles who are looking for fun.

I had a bad experience, sad to say but I'm not going to recommend to my friends and families here in Canada to visit this promising and "Biggest Mall" in Asia!!!!

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