Living Near Sabang

by Duke O'Kingston

Sabang is an interesting place. It is definitely a place for adults to party or relax. With it's many scuba establishments and girlie bars, mostly foreigners seem to be present to revel in those two diversions.

There is good food here, better than in Puerto Galera in my opinion. There is the ONLY bookstore on the island, run by a nice guy from Ohio named Tom. While he caters to the used book crowd, Tom's selections are very good in the area of westerns especially.

There is sailing here and a local "yacht" club. There is a group that does Saturday hikes to nearby locales and off islands, there are cool pool sticks for sale, and beaches close by, the most notable being at White Beach.

Needless to say, I'm not coughing up my secret beach spots where my wife and I swim with mostly locals. I'm just not that into crowds!

Common tourist countries include: Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, South Korea and the U.S. The local people are wonderful, and there's very little pressure to buy souvenirs, although you will be asked!

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Jan 23, 2016
Around Sabang
by: Anonymous

Sabang is the center for diving and sailing. It is 30 minutes away from a native village near Aninuan that sells handwoven native handicrafts. East of Sabang there is a beautiful waterfall and some bathing pools that can be reached by bus or by renting a motorbike. The beach at White Beach is nice and has a few good restaurants, hotels, jet ski rentals and such. In Sabang you are also near some good coral areas for diving.

As far as supplies however, you may end up needing to drive or ride a bus about an hour to the capital city where there is a small mall which has electronic items, a Robinson's, and a two movie theater. It will also be the only place that you'll find fast food, such as McD's, Burger King and Jolly Bee, if you like those kind of places. You can get your visa extended in Puerta Galera, which is 10 minutes from Sabang, if needed.

Jan 22, 2016
by: Anonymous

What is Sabang near island wise ?

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