by md.zakir hossin

This is long story.

Before two years ago i was an empolyed in hospital(al-noor)in Abu Dhabi.

I was maintenance staff, my day going very easy. She was telephone operator in the hospital. I can go anywhere in the whole hospital.

One day when i go inside the telephoe operator room, she saw me. Next day her college she told me, "zak some one is falling in love with you".

One thing she don't know is i am married person. i have child. I also dont know if she was married person and she have one child. By the way we accepted all these things. It was our dream life.

Some days we quarel and others we are happy. We made promise we make one new life. In the mean time i have problem with my job. Then i came back my country in Bangladesh.

When i came back to my counry she was helping me economically and communication. After a few months she have also problem with her job. Then she also came back to her coutry.

But when she came back to her country only a few days comminication with me, after she have no iterest with me also no communication.

I dont know why she did this to me this way. Still i want she stay with me in side my hug. Still i missing her, still i loving so much.

I will never forgot...

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