Ice Skating Rink Mall of Asia

by marvyn

Hi good evening..

Have you noticed at one end of the ice skating rink. There is a roof window or a "skylight" that hits the ice?

Well, the sun melts that part of the rink...maybe they should put a Tint over it so that it does not hit the ice so much?

I've seen a lot of people trip on that puddle of water on the ice then drench their jeans, watch out!


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Jun 24, 2011
Why I like Skating?
by: Romen dela Merced

Skating is an aerobic exercise. It burns fat. It"s good for the body and mind, a stress buster.

According to studies it's good for the heart. When you execise, your body produces endorphins, feel good chemicals that are good for depression.

Socializing, meeting different kinds of people is good for depression and anxiety. Aside from exercise, skating is an anti-aging life style. Sedentary people age faster than active people.

Come let"s skate. It's fun, healthy and you will really enjoy it. Take it from me. I have been skating since 1996, that's 15 yrs. ago.

Sep 20, 2010
by: Anonymous

It was really fun in late August to go skating at Mall of Asia. Who knew, in tropical Manila, they would have a ice rink.

My wife thought it was really fun, and so did the three kids that went with us. They had never skated before, and didn't want to leave when we had to go!

I just was thinking they could maybe upgrade the skates we used, I fell a lot, and I live in Minnesota and have been skating all my life, even playing hockey.

I think I'll bring my Bauer's next time I go, but it sure was a lot of fun! Anyone who enjoys skating, this is the place to go!

Oct 31, 2007
This site is very informative!
by: Nina


I appreciate your efforts for providing very good and useful information for travelers in the Philippines! Keep up the good work!

I haven't been in any website or blog with the same quality of content as yours. It also helps that the insights here are written by a foreigner - at least a foreign tourist can picture how a fellow foreigner would think of the Philippines!!!


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