I live here in subic bay

Now let me be honest so no one will waste there money coming to Subic Bay.

The freeport SBMA (Subic Bay Marine Authority) has a few restaurants, but it is so overpriced it is like US prices in the Philippines.

Also if you are a tourist, you have to catch a taxi there because trikes and jeepneys are not permitted on the base. So if you just go to eat you have to pay 400 peso, which is US8.50 just to get to the restaurants.

To break it down you have to pay 17 US dollar just to get to SBMA, then you have to pay US prices for food, so after you are done eating you would have been better off just staying and eating in the US.

Everything here is overpriced and only geared to get as much money from foreigners, so if you do come here and you do not mind paying the over exaggerated prices, be careful.

There are not a huge amount of things to do, you have bars, restaurants, lots of diving, Zoobic and Oceanworld, not a whole lot of options I would highly recommend Boracay, it is high priced also, but you actually get 5 star service wheres here in Subic you get two star service for 5 star prices.

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Sep 10, 2015
by: Anonymous

Your post is very informative and helpful for all peoples and they got a large information from your post i thank you to share your thoughts and experience with us.

Jan 26, 2010
About you comment.
by: magnifico

Poor guy you never appreciated the beauty of your place.

Oct 03, 2009
You never did live in Subic Bay
by: Dj Double B

Taxi Fare is just P50 from the Gate to most Classy Restaurants.. "Not a huge amount to do"? Obviously you have not explored Subic Bay all that well.. argh! Why am I even botherin` to comment?

May 19, 2009
by: Anonymous

If you are paying 400 Pesos for a taxi ride to a restaurant, then they must have seen you coming. I'm a foreigner who goes to Subic every year and I've never paid 400 pesos for a taxi ride any where in Subic, SBMA, or Olongapo.

Also, there are many places on SBMA that have very good service. There is a lot of good food there too (Rama Mahal is awesome!). A couple of the hotels are definite 2-stars, but many are high 4's to 5'ishes. Seorabeol Grand Leisure Hotel is excellent.

Sounds like you just didn't have a good time.... Sorry to hear that. Everyone else go there and make up your own mind. I like the place.

May 11, 2009
I respect your comment BUT.....
by: Rhenz

I respect your comment BUT I can't also keep myself from reacting on your post on the place where I spent my childhood.

First and foremost, if you REALLY live here in Subic with STILL RELIABLE senses, you MUST know that SBMA is Subic Bay METROPOLITAN Authority and NOT MARINE Authority.

An ENT or Ophthalmology visit may help you appreciate Subic, should you just open your mind and opt to see one.

I admit that not all establishments here provide an A-1 Service BUT you must NOT generalize down-criticizing the whole Metropolitan for the limited experiences you have.

Is it Subic that FAILS or your SENSES? I don't wanna be personal but maybe we can ASK THE MARINE. Cheers!

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