How I became a Sabungero

by Johannes
(Panama City, FL, USA)

I still remember going to the Cockfights every Sunday with my late Grandfather each time we went home to the Province while my Mom was still active duty in the U.S Air Force.

She was stationed at Clark Air Force Base for three years. Both my Grandfather and Uncle were avid Sabungeros. They both pretty much taught me everything I needed to know about the sport from training to handling a rooster.

The only thing I did not get to learn is the art of putting on the tare which is an acquired skill that one must have. I still do watch the cockfights online from time to time.

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Jul 05, 2021
by: Amigozz

Cockfighting is "LEGAL" in the Philippines, As an American, I have built a house on one of the Islands and we cockfight 2-3 times a week during the season.
Most folks only hear the negative about cocking. You should come to the LEGAL pits and make your own decision. Many folks don't like horse racing,(I for one) But that doesn't give me the reason to call
it barbaric, cruel, etc...As I have only witnessed 2-3 in my lifetime,,,
If you want to see CRUELTY as the Humane Society what happen to all gamecocks CONFISCATED.

God Bless The USA
God Bless The Philippines
God Bless The Gamecock

Jun 07, 2012
Only in the Philippines
by: Anonymous

Where but in the Philippines could they have a national sport that is illegal?

That said where else in the world could you ever have found a Cardinal whose name was pronounced Sin ?

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