Hilton Hotel and Resort Cebu

by Jovie
(California )

I was disappointed with our stay in Cebu as it was not all that everyone said it was.

The beaches on Mactan are rocky. Thank God that the resort had it's own little beach. There is really nothing to do in cebu in lieu of activities. No cultural shows or walking trails.

The hotel food was way too expensive for the rate of Philippine standard. I could have better food and accommodation for the same amount of money in Mexico.

I would not recommend a trip to Cebu for the money and activity. It was cheaper and more exciting when we went to Bangkok for the same amount of days.

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Sorry it is under construction
by: Wilbert Cacafranca

Hey miss, you might have visited the hilton hotel and other hotels nearby beach which are still under construction.

For sure you dont roam around go up the hill and get out the island, if you enjoy walking trails then you must go to the main island of cebu not lapu lapu {island of mactan].

I am also sure that your so thrifty when it comes to spending, ain't fun to keep on walking on the island, you must dive, do island hopping too.

Do your research first before travelling to an island and of course book the trips that interest you.

Yeah thailand and mexico is quite cheaper because you surely stayed in less than 10 km place to walk to and from. Come back again and try to walk from the island of mactan going up to santander town up to san remegio town to the north and it is closely 250 km, you will surely have a long trail that you've longed for..

thanks for the visit anyways....i am a local of cebu but hates san francisco..

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