Good thing about cockfighting

by Juan_Luna

It started from my great grand parents. We have a blood line of loving and breeding this kind of gamefowl, it is our passion and love to care and breed them.

We train these chickens for a MEGA Fight like Manny Pacquiao or any other UFC Fighters. It is a nice feeling when your gamefowl win the fight even if you didn't have that much money on your bet.

I believe cockfighting is interesting sport especially the HULO CockFighting where they don't use gaffers/knife (using the traditional way "natural spur"), gamefowls can win more than 5-10 times before they become best breeder.

Without cockfighting, no body would be interested to breed & care for this kind of bird, that would make them endangered species soon, so therefore I am encouraging other countries to make their cockfighting legal to encourage the production and breeding of this kinds of birds....Gamefowls.

This animal rights/laws should conduct a survey all over the world then compare the situation of having cockfight legal and illegal. Of course for countries that it is prohibited, these birds are nearly endangered, but for countries it is legal, these birds have their hectares of yards/homes where in they are being protected, reproduced and cared/trained to be the best.

They must consider everything, they must not just focus on one cock losing the game....compared to millions of Broiler culls being butchered a day for human consumption being delivered to mcdonalds/KFC's, & other restaurants.

Gamefowl....they are my real "pokemons".

You eat more fried chickens, then you say we breeders and protectors are dirty and barbaric......????

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