Goldwin Gamefarm (Bobbit Ples)

by PJP

Goldwin Gamefarm | Gamefowls | Fighting Cocks | Stags | Bullstags

Goldwin Gamefarm | Gamefowls | Fighting Cocks | Stags | Bullstags


Goldwin Gamefarm is situated in a 7 hectare private property in Silang, Cavite, surrounded by a natural landscape of rolling and plain fields with abundant grasses and scattered fruit and non-fruit bearing trees.

It has a very cool climate and not windy which is ideal for gamefowls. The farm houses 1,500 cocks and bullstags always in good health the whole year round. They are well taken cared of by 15 staff of 4 head trainers and assistants, farm maintenance staff, and security personnel.

Each trainer has 50 to 60 “ready to fight” birds at any given time. All personnel are well trained and well provided with materials and facilities necessary in winning. Goldwin Gamefarm is owned and operated by partners BOBBIT PLES and ENGR. NERIO FRANI.


Bobbit Ples 0920-2217555

PJ Ples 0916-7587087

AVAILABLE FOR SALE: High Quality Gamefowls, Fighting Cocks, Stags, and Bullstags

Bloodlines available for sale:

1. Dink Fair Sweaters

A. Cash B. Possum C. Golden Boy D. 5 Thousand Dollar Line E. Lawn Mower

2. Cochran and Chappel Sweaters

3. Mel Sims Blacks & Hatches

4. Cowan Roundheads

5. Bulik

6. White Kelso

7. Regular & Hatch Greys

8. Larry Barleta Gold

9. Lemon Hulseys

> Winning Line

> Ready-to-Fight

> Tested in Big Events / Derbies

> Backed up by 40 years of cockfighting experience

> Prices available upon request and is a matter of correspondence

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Mar 30, 2019
Inquiry on Cowan's
by: Indy

Hello Bobbit Ples.

I would like to ask about your Cowan RHs.

1) From where or breeder did they came from?
2) Have you got either line-bred or in-bred hen/pullet for sale? How much?
3) Winning record of said hen/pullet?


Sep 28, 2017
Excited to see the cocks.
by: KJAnonymous

Am looking forward to visiting the farm and selecting some wellbred cocks.

Jul 02, 2017
by: K J.

Looking forward to visiting the farm ,and seeing for myself how good the cocks are.Also hoping to do business.Will be able to visit the farm in early July.

May 26, 2015
Congratulation to Goldwin Farm
by: Armando Red

Great and beautiful farm indeed. I also presumed that birds of this farm are of high quality. I am really fascinated and kudos to you gentlmen of Goldwin gamefarm. I wonder if you could also post your list of prices.Thanks.

Mar 25, 2014
by: Anonymous

its hard for any other player to compete with Mr Ples who has such a large operation. however a family operation offers such a competition. the thing about it is that the business is a huge manpower operation that needs 24-hour attention. its a good sideline and pleasure sport for retired persons with a good retirement income. You are a winner if you just break even. you almost certainly cannot lose, because you own the stock, for which there are always buyers. if you just remember that stock is always running out.

May 14, 2013
Excellent terrain suitable for breeding
by: Anonymous

I suppose you got the best area for breeding and hopefully the breeding materials likewise are very well selected to produce quality fighting cocks in any corner of cockfighting in the country sides.

GOOD LUCK Engr. Frani

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