first time to cebu but surly not the last !

by clair

I'm from eastern Oregon and visited CEBU CITY from Aug. 09 until OCT. 09.

I know this is just a short time but in this time I did have a very enjoyable time, of course I flew to MACTAN airport, arriving about midnight, I was so tired, I was surprized to find a taxi right outside, I just told him to take me to a hotel somewhere, I had no idea where we were going, he took me to ALPA CITY SUITES, which was just right for me.

Whoever this taxi driver was should be commended for being such a help, later I wanted to be closer to the city center so went to PACIFIC PENSIONNE, just off OSMENABLVD, near FUENTE OSMENA CIRCLE.

I was well treated here, the staff was always polite and helpful, I enjoyed going to ROBINSONS STORE just up the street and meeting others from all over the world, the scenery wasn't bad either, I also liked going to AYALA and S.M. city malls.

I did go to BOHOL for a few days also, in this short time I felt safe wherever I went. Of course I did take precautions, the people of the PHILIPPINES impressed me as well, always polite, even in a crowd, always the ever present smile, when I return I'm thinking I'd like to go to BAGUIO ...

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