Filipinos they could sell ice to eskimoes

Good point, you can take the girl from the bar, but not the bar from the girl.
Like every where in the world you have con's, multiply that by over population, and poverty, bingo, you become the walking ATM.
Now there are good, but there are a lot that are good at it. Be Warned, as a fool and his money are easily parted.
Yes I've lost x amount, most I chose to give to people who I chose, some to be manipulated from me.
We all love that petite pretty thing, as to the fat ugly thing we are likely to get in a western society, you pay here, you pay there, get over it.
Enjoy, spend what you have budgeted for, keep hold of the personal information, pin no,s etc.
There is one for all, patience, patience, patience.
Great people doing what they have to, to survive.
Bars, booze, birds, bonk, bale.
Have a great holiday, good luck.
ps, I have a philippino step family

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"Driver" Suede vs Polished Full Grain Leather
by: Anonymous

Definitely agree w/you there. I refer to "what is available in the USA" to guys age 60+ as UFOs (ie: UGLY FAT OLD)... remember you heard it here first!

As opposed to the MUCH Cuter and Petite, sweet and precious young ladies in the Phils.

My point: if you've got to spend your money (either way), why not get a sports car rather than a "beater" stationwaon!?!

But just remember... ask for the CARFAX!!!

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