Filipinos Immaturity

by Timothy

I've had many dealings with many Filipinos living in Ireland and they are all, without exception, some of the most imature adults i have ever met.

I'm 41 & Irish.

I have no gripe with them. But i have had many dealings with them, yes they are friendly but man they are so imuture.

They also have little or no real understanding or interest in the world around them. They live in a bubble.


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Nov 08, 2015
fillipino men
by: Anonymous

I am an australian female who used to frequent an asian male nightclub in fremantle western australia.
The asians were all males who worked as crew on boats that came into Fremantle.
There was a mirror on the wall next to the dance floor and all the filipino men constantly watched themselves dance. They love mirrors and photos of themselves. All filipino male babies probably have mirrors and photos of themselves hanging around their cribs.
They must be the most immature men in the world. It is amazing to hear someone with an adult voice talk and giggle and say, "Oh I must do what my mother and father say" like a small child, and what other man would carry around a plastic toy sword with a photo of himself on it? Imagine the fillipino army.

Mar 31, 2015
phillipino immature
by: Anonymous

Must agree. Naive, immature, unworldly, disinterested in other cultures.

Nov 19, 2013
by: Pamie

I'm Filipino (but with a western mindset) and I definitely agree with this! Filipinos are materialistic and quite intellectually shallow. :(

Dec 13, 2012
by: John

At a national level, these (genetic) cognitive traits may be, sadly, a factor as to why the Philippines is also notoriously corrupt.

Well isn't that just bigoted. The same with Rolly's post, too.

Dec 26, 2010
Happy, pleasant, but immature people.
by: Jones

Hi there,

In my experience with Philippinos (Australia, and elsewhere in the region), I've found them to be very pleasant, happy people. They are also very positive in their outlook.


That being said, they were also noticeably intellectually immature. By Caucasian benchmarks of normative behaviour, they were teenager-like in thought, and temperament.

They struggled with abstract thought.

Their intellectual world was limited to the concerns of the here-and-now, the material world, and the not-too-distant future.

Wider concerns did not interest them. (Note: These were Philippinos who had all their material needs met.)

These limitations (in my experience) may be linked to the whole 'Philippinos are all about family' saying.

Well yes, they are 'about family' because they are not capable of thinking about much else.

The average Philippino mind does not extend to concentric circles of ideas or issues (abstraction) very far from the centre starting point of thought process - themselves & their immediate needs.

'Family' is the first circle out from the individual. The average Philippino mind fades to 'static' not far after this.

At a national level, these (genetic) cognitive traits may be, sadly, a factor as to why the Philippines is also notoriously corrupt.

Oct 15, 2010
Filipino family values
by: Rolly

i disagree with Jack , having lived in Philippines for the last 7 years , i can undoubtadly say that Filipinos have NO family values at all ( except the fact that all of the husbands have mistresses , And all the wives steal or lie for the husbands money ) .

They go to the church every Sunday , but dont understand the very basic meaning of being a Christian .

They are a disgrace to human race , and i hope the next Tsunami drowns this island country forever , well , atleast sweeps away the stupid people from this beautiful country .

Oct 02, 2010
All are same
by: Jack


You have to understand Filipinos come from different cultural background. There behavior and values in life would be different from what Irish folks prefers.

You may like whiskey but Filipino's love san migual :o)

They put family values more than anything else, in Ireland i guess its more personal freedom.

IQ is overrated anyways else the most intellectual, intelligent, Rich country on earth USA would not elect Bush Twice as president :o)

I find filipino to be as different than anyone else and they are as smart as any other the way im not a filipino...Im Indian and its my personal observation and dealings with filipinos living in the PH.

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