filipinos are islanders

Firstly Filipinos are not of Asian mindset, they are Islanders of Austronesian background.
Asians are derived from feudal, trading, with educated ancestry that has been included in severe warring activities environments and well controlled disciplined strategic actions.

Filipinos as Islanders are derived from a tribal groupings which include cannibalism, hunter-gathering and occasionally uncontrolled territorial warring.
As Islanders there are facets that differentiate them clearly: Filipino time is observed as their unreliability and irresponsibility and a detachment from the real world, and then Selective Inclusion (or Lying by Omission), neither of which is usually done deliberately however it positions them as liars.

Together these repeated un-evolved traits engender mistrust and suspicion from the world. Their deep-seated genetic heritage has not required reliability and responsibility of thoughts, actions, timeliness and outcome acknowledgement.

Therefore to the rest of the world Filipinos are not okay, they sadly lack basics society functionality and appear to be dysfunctional, untrustworthy, unreliable, dishonest etc in the norm of their own world.

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Sep 14, 2015
Unfair picture of the Philippines
by: David Hyde

While there is a lot of crime in Manila as with many large cities around the world. Manila is not the Philippines there are over 7000 islands that make up the Philippines. In fact you don't even have to stop in Manila ,to see the Philippines they have a large international airport on Cebu in the middle of the Philippines. This is a great island to visit beautiful resorts , a old Spanish fort , old churches , modern shopping malls. We rented a cab and driver a few years back for the whole day and explored the island, the driver was proud of his island and acted as our tour guide. We even met his daughter who was working in one of the malls where we stopped to eat. We had a great time then took a boat back over to where we were staying on the next Island Bohol another great place to visit.

Sep 01, 2015
You forgot to mention...
by: Anonymous

LAZY, PICKPOCKETS, and above all, a "species" of human that's more than just a little bit willing to prey on each other ALMOST as much as they do on Ex-Pats and/or tourists.

While most would attest to being GOOD Catholics, they couldn't be more corrupt... the women on many of the dating sites are all after one thing... money/cash/gold/silver... which makes you wonder if, like Judas Iscariot, they'd likely perform an act of betrayal for 30 pieces of silver.

Not that I'm knocking them... as most expats are only too happy to be taken advantage of by 1 or more young girls.

Personally, I have little respect for their way of life based on laziness, dishonesty, lack of knowing how to be on time (even though THEY'VE made every TIMEX watch in the last 20+ years).

Sep 01, 2015
Ignorance and racism on display
by: Mark Claytor

This person must have received his education from the back of a cereal box. Broad sweeping generalizations with a stilted, pseudo-intellectual tinge do not make truth.

In my experience, no one trait or series of traits, defines the Filipino psyche. They are saints,they are sinners. They want a good life for themselves and love their children. Their society is God-fearing and enjoys an unusual work ethic. As a whole, Filipinos are to be admired.

Sep 01, 2015
Filipinos are islanders
by: David

I thought your evaluation of the Filipinos was very harsh. I have been married to one for over a quarter century,she is very hard working. She is always on time at work and a supervisor at her job. I doubt she has called in sick in the last 10 years. I enjoy spending time with her family more than my own. While the pace that things get done over there takes some getting used to for us fast paced Americans. Some times it good to slow down ,look around and see the beauty around you. I love the Philippines and the Filipino people , can't wait to go back.

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