Filipino culture of corruption

I went back to the Philippines to start a business. From the moment you get into the airport, the lying and scamming begins. This is especially true of Philippines Airline and Cebu Pacific.

The custom would not give change for bills and always excuse there is no change. Another is putting bullets in your bag and asking P500 or more; otherwise you risk arrest. The bottom guy is working together with the bosses to scam people. Absolute disgrace!

The taxis in manila can be very dangerous. They will purposely lost you by taking other routes and going round and round just to increase your fare. Worse of all, they will not turn on their meter and give change.

The country is very filthy. Men pee at every corner they can find. People trash everywhere. Pollution and sewage in public places and near homes are very common. Even in the province, the filth is the same. The people cannot exercise common sense and delayed gratification. Lying, scamming and theft is the norm in the country. This is not limited to the average Filipino citizen but also to the politicians.

After election, you will find signs and pictures of running politicians all over the street corners, adding to the trash of the place. No one bothers to take them out.

Worse of all, Filipinos give the impression that politicians can buy their votes. And in most cases they do sell their votes. Politicians give out can goods, money and freebies to get elected. There are no debates unless in the upper political position. Their signs and logos are always driven by emotions and appeal of popularity; akin to a beauty pageant instead of political office. Example: Utang ng Loob. It means the person is indebt for her/his assistance in the past. Filipino giving is Indian giving. They give in exchange for something they want in the future; otherwise, they will take back what they gave you in the past.

Politicians and runner ups are always on the look out of killing each other. Even the rumor of someone running for office is enough to target and kill a person.

The Filpinos always excuse that they are poor but the same can be said of migrant Filipino Chinese and even Indians. The main difference is Chinese people work hard and value frugality. The Chinese businesses are often honest; knowing that customers will return if you have excellent service. They are independent as a nuclear family, but as a community, help one another. This is probably derived from their Chinese cultural heritage.

Contrast to the FILIPINO COLONIAL CULTURE. The average local Filipino has crab mentality. They are always on the look out of screwing each other and foreigners. However, they tend to treat foreigners differently from Filipinos; even OFW and Filipinos from abroad. Filipinos will be targeted far worst. The people are prone to gossip, spreading lies, harassing, violent, and putting down other Filipinos. Worse of all, they are dependent, lazy, don't plan ahead and feel entitled. OFWs and relatives abroad are seen as cash cow of the family. Most families have an OFW who is expected to take care of the whole family. The parents will stop working and relatives have no motivation to work. The family, including extended relatives have a sense of ownership to the OFW's money and foreign relative's money. They do not understand that the money of a relative is not their personal money.

If they sense that you are not local or even an OFW, they see you as a walking ATM machine. You will attract neighbors, extended relatives and strangers you have never heard off. People will give excuses such as no food or someone is sick; they need money for birthday party or pasalubong.

They take out loans and money they don't have just to impress people they don't know or even like. I emphasize "like" and "know" here, because uninvited people have the face to show up and eat. Not to mention, bring plates and extra bags to take foods and carry home. These people also have friends, cousins, friend's friends. Next thing you know, they are feeding a community of people, with extra plates and bags for food to take home.

They actually have a program in Jollibee "PARTY NOW, PAY LATER" just for local Filipinos. This is already a sign of stupidity and lack of common sense. If you can't even provide for basic needs, you can't afford the luxury of a birthday party.

The people are also very lazy, do not plan ahead and driven by carnal impulse. If they feel like coughing, spitting, or peeing, they will do it then and there. If they feel like not showing up to work, they will not show up and just lie. If they feel that the rules are strict they will quit.

There are many jobs available in the supermarket, local businesses in the city. Most of the businesses are operated and run by Chinese people. Many Filipinos have no jobs because there is no motivation to work. Remittance money keeps flowing every month.

FIXING THE COUNTRY WOULD REQUIRE CULTURAL ENLIGHTENMENT AND CULTURAL REVIVAL. THE LACK THE NATION BUILDING ETHICS AND UNITY IS DUE TO A LOSE OF CULTURE. The country cannot function as a democracy. The only way to fix Philippines is through benevolent dictatorship. The problem is the the Filipino people. The government and institutions are corrupt because the people are corrupt. Most Filpinos with motivation to succeed, left the country and moved abroad. So you have a brain drain issue, combined with colonial culture.

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Jul 05, 2016
Getting rich in the Philippines.
by: Anonymous

They do say if you want to make a million in the Philippines, take two.

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