Filipino Anger

by Yes.. it's me
(Los Angeles)

I know this Americanized Filipino who is just a very ANGRY dude.. He's probably the biggest example I've ever seen of someone who thinks the world owes him something. He loses every job he gets because he refuses to be a team player, because he HATES authority and he relishes in making those above him feel stupid.. He knows better than his bosses why and how to do the job. So he makes sure to show them his disdain and disapproval by shunning their instructions.. then he smirks and blames them when he gets fired.. calling them haters! LOL! Is it mental illness?

Btw, I used to hang out more with this person but over time I realized there's a deeper problem. I really think is a deep seated anger because he can't get ahead in life.. So for a while I tried to understand and even tried to give him some advice (occasionally) but he did the same thing he always does by almost showing me his disdain and in the process I felt he was also very ungrateful. Be warned: You can't do right by these types of people... whatever you do for them they'll interpret it as you having an "agenda" Yep.. pretty sick...

God bless him, I hope he finds his way but my warning to all is stay away from people like this, they can't help themselves, they live their lives blaming and excusing their shortcomings. They are perfect and the world is full of S H I T people... See you buddy, and good luck... You're just an angry person who demands to be treated special.. Meanwhile you offer nothing to the world, not a smile, a friendship, a good word, a sincere compliment... NOTHING... because you're too resentful and angry to do so.

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