Filipina Monster

by Casper

You have no idea what I am about to tell you...

I have been with one for 16 years and I have full blown PTSD as a result. However being a quick study, she is just as damaged and I take pleasure in this. The irony is that we are still together and fighting. We have destroyed our careers, the lives of 4 children, our families, our finances, our emotional state of health, our spiritual state of health, and we have absolutely no friends. Our family's hate towards one another is eternal.

Just recently I have branched out with team sports and new friends of my own and am planning Manila travel by myself. She is flipped out and nuts about this and will suffer a heart attack most likely. I am no longer her puppet as my libido has left my body now forever.

She did however give me the best intimacy a man could have ever asked for, but at a great price. This relationship was a 16 year fatal attraction in most every sense of the word. My closure is to visit her land immune to the honey trap once and for all. I am 50 now and I need nothing.

I have recently broken our bond with the strength of Jesus and professional counseling, but the damage will last a life time. In Manila, I will be plenty wise and my 16 year battle will be my shield. I am now untouchable in mind, body, and soul.

I am very kind still and warm-hearted but my blood pressure never rises nor does my pulse when under heavy attack of a yelling Filipina monster. I do now suffer hearing loss in both ears.

I am going to Manila now after this devastation to prove I can walk through fire unharmed. I will come home and never again take any interest in a Filipino lady. I will now just be alone for the rest of my days and remain close to my children.

What has not killed us has left me and my two children like a pack of wolves with the greatest survival instincts one could ever need. We are wicked in strength.

My children never want to see a Filipina woman again for as long as they both shall live. They have forgiven me and I have dedicated my life to them.

Warmest regards,


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by: Anonymous

I dont think he is stereotyping filipinas in general. From what I gather, this is a site about the philippines and the guy is just relating his experiences with a filipina. If this was a site about Mexico, I am sure he will be talking about mexicans. From what we read in the news about Mexico...we would want to stay away from that country. And if he is willing to come back to the philippines to face his "Ghost", I think there is some good that he is referring to about the Philippines.

Rather than criticize, perhaps we should educate more...being a human. OR perhaps do we throw our humanity away because our ego cant take it?

I feel sorry about your experience
by: Anonymous

I feel sorry about your experience but you can't really stereotype ALL Filipinas to be horrible screaming monsters. Also, why are you coming to Manila? If it's just to see your Filipina wife flip out for revenge isn't that just childish? Maybe she has a point as well to scream at you. You should have been absolutely sure and gotten to know this woman before marrying her and spending 16 years of married life together in agony. Unlucky you got a bad apple.

by: Anonymous

You are full of hatred! I feel sorry for how you feel.
I am a Filipina happily married with an Aussie and we are blessed with three beautiful happy children.
It makes me wonder why you are going back to the Philippines where millions of Filipinas live.

If you hate our women, stay away from us!!

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