Enjoyed my time in Sabang Beach.

by Robert
(Somerset, NJ. USA)

I spent 3 days / 2 nights in Sabang beach recently (late Oct 2012) and overall had a great time.

I was there with a female friend (not exactly a GF but almost) we stayed in a hotel with a nice view and the cost was very reasonable (1,800 pisos per night).

Like the article above stated, there are plenty of dive shops and although I was not able to give it a try I'll definitely make it a priority next time I go and will stay longer as well, perhaps 4 or 5 night/days.

We did do a bit of snorkeling which was a little different from what I'm used to, instead of having to swim we simply had to hold on to a rope attached to a small boat which moved at about the pace a good snorkeler would (perhaps a little faster actually) but in any case it was effortless for us and was actually better than the more traditional way for me anyway).

The water was not super clear but was clear enough to allow good visibility and there were lots of small fishes to see and we even saw a big turtle swim about 5 feet below us and that was unexpected and was nice.

Nightlife was pretty good as well and we went to a couple of discos and had a good time. Choice of restaurants was also pretty good and the food was very good. As for safety I never felt unsafe as we walked around even at night, people were friendly.

We hired a boat to take us around and the cost was very reasonable (1500 pisos for about 3 hours) boat ride it self was good and and very relaxing, we were also the only passengers onboard which was cool.

Overall I think it's a very nice place to visit and when I go back to the Philippines I intend to come back here and try scuba diving.

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