"El Coral Reef Dive Center"

by Daniel
(Subic Bay)

The dive shop within the facilities of Blue Rock Resort is today called "El Coral Reef Dive Center", operated by Mr. Jun Martinez and Mrs. Lourdes Martinez, both very experienced divers.

"El Coral Reef Dive Center" offers both recreational and technical diving on all of the ship wrecks within Subic Bay, both daytime and nighttime diving.

The dive center also caters basic diver training, advanced open water, rescue diver, dive-master-, NITROX- and TRIMAX-courses.

Accommodation is catered by Blue Rock which is one of the best established resorts in the area.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the updated information. It has been a number of years since I have been up to Subic Bay and stayed at the Blue Rock.

I will have to come up again soon and enjoy the wrecks of Subic Bay, I have fond memories of diving the New York and the El Capitan.

I wish Jun and Lourdes all the best!


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Jun 11, 2014
El Coral Reef Dive Center Subic Bay
by: El Coral Reef Dive Center

Our website has changed to:


Visit our website for more information about us, diving in Subic Bay, information about the Dive SItes and lots more!

Jan 06, 2012
El Coral Reef Dive Center Subic Bay Diving
by: Anonymous

Hi Brett!

The Diving in Subic Bay is great! Visibility wise you have better places in the Philippines not to mention Palawan or the islands around Cebu and Bohol, Balicasag, Malapascua etc.

Diving in Subic Bay is different and a great add to whatever most semi- or experienced divers already have under their belt. I learnt a lot from the dives Ive done in "The Bay", both from wreck diving and Reef diving.

In general its a fun place to visit. The dive sites are all easy accessible and there are many other activities as a complement to the diving. I usually stay at Blue Rock Resort, good management, great food and all you need in terms of accommodation.

Since i met Lourdes and Jun Ive been doing about 30 dives in the bay, they are both friendly and very experienced. I remember Lourdes checking our gauges during the first few dives documenting how much air we had left once back on the surface. I guess she just wanted to make sure me and my buddy were fit for the type of diving that are conducted up there.

I cant wait to get back up there. Looking forward to a F4 Phantom dive and a few more dives on LST and USS New York, those are definitely my favorites, hehe! Did you or anyone you know do the F4 yet?

Lourdes and Jun are building their website at the moment and there is a Facebook page already up with pictures posted from the dive shop etc. Check out their site and Facebook on below links, have a great day, hope to meet you up in Subic Bay soon!




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