Eating balut in Bohol

by Devan
(Denton, Texas)

As a chef food is my passion.

It's especially important to me when I visit a new country as I want to take in all I can, culinary speaking, of a region/country's food.

I told myself and everyone at home I would try it. Its like going to New York and not eating the pizza if I came 8,300 miles to the Philippines and not at least try it.

Well I posted a video and I hope you enjoy. It tastes mostly like an egg that has been boiled for a very long time. The part that is hard to stomach is the fact that you do have an undeveloped animal in your mouth.

What you see me putting on the balut is salt and some hot chili vinegar.


Reply from Brett:

Hi Devan,

Firstly thanks for sharing your experience. Your right when visiting new countries and cultures its great if you can imerse yourself in them and enjoy there culinary specialities!

I'm guessing from watching your video that you struggled a bit and the salt and hot chilli vinegar helped immensely!

I like the "Survivor" moment at the end!

Well done & thanks,


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