corregidor amazing island

by joy price
(united kingdom)

Whilst on part of a world cruise we docked at Manila.

Not wanting to just shop like so many other passengers we decided to book an organised trip with P&O. We went by ferry to Corregidor island and what a lovely surprise!

When we arrived on corregidor, its so peaceful, beautifully maintained and just loaded with history. We went into Malinta tunnel and heard extracts and watched clips of real action.

What an amazing place!

We had lunch at the hotel, everyone's very polite and could'nt do enough for us, the imperial war museum was full of relics and pictures so interesting.

The mile long barracks along with the others were very poignant, the armour, the landing pad, everything was so interesting the stories given to us by our guide Carlos will stay with us forever what a truly amazing place to visit i could go on but you neeed to visit this island yourself to understand how amazing it is!

As the statue of mcarthy states:


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