Condominium Units in Manila

by Rachel
(Dubai, UAE)


I just want to share my opinion in investing to buy a condominium unit in Philippines. I was born and raised in Manila - "Manila Girl" as they call it. But now, I am happily living here in Dubai with my family.

I am getting a condominium unit in Fort Bonifacio Taguig City. Why in Taguig? I worked in call centers in Manila and based on my experience; everytime that there is a newbie who joined call center especially if he is from another town apart from Manila, they would normally look for an apartment to live while working and of course they would want somewhere nearby. There are lots of call centers in Fort Bonifacio. So I am planning to buy a unit and have it rented by Executives.

I am also saving that unit for my son to live to once he started to study in college. My in-laws are from Bataan and I do not want him to stay there and have a weekly trip and rent a bed space in Manila while he is studying. Another benefit is that we will certainly have our own place to stay in during our vacation in Manila.


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