cockfighting is illegal!!!!!

Why is there cockfighting anyway?

It's painful for the roosters too!! They are seriously hurt and they even die in the ring! You people have NO HEART for those poor animals! Cockfighting is STUPID!!!!

It's useless and just a form of sick entertainment. The birds did nothing wrong!!!!!!

Imagine if you were the rooster, you would feel extremely hurt and you could possibly lose an eye or die!! The fights are extremely vulgar! I hate you people that like cockfighting! You are all stupid people who have a sick-minded brain!!


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Mar 14, 2016
Killing to eat !
by: Anonymous

Killing a chicken humanely and as quick as possible is far different to torturing them and gaining pleasure from that suffering. Anyone who can disagree with that get ur brain checked out

May 26, 2012
Sweep around your own door
by: chuck B

I think anyone that make a negative comment on cockfighting should be made to stop eating chicken. If one group of people are able to stop another group from killing chickens then why should they be allowed to continue to kill chickens.

I have a 18 year old son that is joining the service "to protect our rights" and yet I am losing my rights to be free and happy doing what I love to do. (Just because you don't understand it don't make it wrong).

If America is such a great place then why do we feel the need to change everything about it.

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