cockfighting is barbaric

by Dan

Its not a sport but a use of another species without any feeling so it's outdated in modern thinking, but alas it is still the same even in my own country...where foxes are hunted.

It's all about people having nothing to excite them in their lives, of course most filipinos have no money & from that perspective it is easily understood. But we are moving forward as a species & leaving our cruel past behind ie democracy instead of killing but I know we have a long way to go.

Cruelty is indivisible, that means you cannot be nice to one & cruel to another & still be a complete human being. There are those of us who are vegetarian, I know most are in the Philippines as they cant afford meat..a very bad joke, but it's an example of the way we now view life not from a conquerors point of view but from a humans.

Every thing's life is as valuable to it as yours is to you, from the smallest to the biggest, including your cocks. I admit its easier to be one of the crowd than to take responsibility for our own actions...for me well I prefer to be a man who cares whether its the rain forest or the gorilla & it would now be impossible for me not to care...about all life both human & non human.

Its easy to kill an animal be it cock or whatever but we do have a mind we can think we must think we must take responsibility & make this world the way it some times is portrayed in cartoons or films with animals being givn character so it becomes all the more difficult to merely destroy them.

Each one is as idividual as you are but yes you must take the time to think.

Don't be cruel be kind...thank you


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Apr 04, 2014
owners are not cruel.
by: Anonymous

There are people who raise chickens for food and kill them by squeezing their necks which is cruel.

Most do it by chopping the head off. Other animals by bleeding them to death. so which ever is done looks cruel it is the intent that matters.

People kill the animals in different ways. its whats in the heart of the person doing what he does We don't know, so you be the judge.

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