Cebu City and the cost of a full time taxi

by John
(Scranton, Pa USA)

Basically, I was there one year ago. I stayed at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino. Security is great, I could have done without the late night entertainment, but it wasn't extremely loud and could be largely ignored. The hotel was clean except for extremely little bugs I saw in the room (almost microscopic, and I believe that they were white in color).

The real issue is a driver. I don't know whether or not I was ripped off, but if anyone can advise me, it would be appreciated for my next trip back to Cebu. A full time driver, w/a cab, cost me an average of 3000Php per day for 8 days. On top of that, I had to pay for fuel (propane) and of course, his food... not to mention feeding his young daughter whom he always seemed to have with him.

Isn't there SOME reasonable means of hiring a driver with the car/fuel etc being all inclusive for something less outrageous than appx $75.00 USD per day?

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Yes , you got taken..........
by: Jan Cook

When my wife and I went last year we had a driver that was with us 10 hours a day. He bought the fuel, but I made him eat with us. His name is Ben, very good driver. He knew all the in and outs of Cebu. His cost was 1200 a day, That was through a company that's in Cebu. The doorman from 8 days inn told us about him,right from the first day. I would recommend him to all. If anyone wants his Tel-number e-mail me......jc58zapp at aol dot com

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