Boring, but worth the experience

by John

I lived in Pampanga for a couple of years and somewhere between Tarlac and Angeles City I went to a small barn in a small yard.

Inside this barn was a large arena, felt like it was bigger than the barn looked from the outside. I just think they used great space management to create the illusion the place was bigger than it really was.

There was a small admission, 50 pesos or less to get in. I did not gamble because I am not a gambler, not much into animal fighting either, but when in Rome...

They would flap their wings and make minimal contact a few times until one of them dropped dead. I was far away and could not see how one killed the other but they put some sort of spur type of devise on the feet of the Roosters.

I felt out of place being the only white guy there and I have red hair with many freckles so I stood out like a sore thumb.

Some of the locals resented westerners but a majority seemed happy to see me there. Most places tourists go everything is in English, here they spoke Pampangan and even the newspapers were in Pampangan... or maybe Tagalog. But they were definitely speaking Pampangan because my guide told me so.

Its interesting to see what other cultures do for fun, sure beat sitting around a bar and watching gogo dancers. I do not think I would attend another one, not much excitement.

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