Bonding at the Crimson Beach Resort Mactan

by Philippinespot

Everything was great when we spent our time having fun at the Crimson Resort on Mactan Island Cebu, from the parking lot to their staff and their facilities.

Everything is just in order, the place was a relaxing haven but at the same time showcased a great place to have fun at the beachfront bar where you can have yourself a lazysit on their cozy beachchair/bed, or whatever they may call it, with sidetable and your choice of food and drinks.

They also have a place where children can play, they offer a large selection of rooms, spa or massage at the beachfront, a restaurant where you can indulge yourself with a wide variety of international dishes, sportsbar, and workout facilities.

We had our lunch at the Saffron dinning room. The Saffron is their main dining room and coffee shop which has been designed with an open-kitchen.

It serves authentic Asian cuisines from all the major countries in Asia. A selection of western favorites is also featured. With 250 seats, Saffron, like its rare spice of a name will make you smile as you savor the authentic selection of cuisines from region ... fresh, unique and excellent value for money.

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