Blue Rock with the family

by Mary R
(Pasig City, NCR, Philippines)

I spent the weekend with my family at Blue Rock. Most of the other hotels and resorts we wanted were booked, as it was a last minute trip for some much needed R & R.

I agree with your description of the resort except that when we were there the floating bar was not floating. We learned that a recent typhoon had put it out of service till December. It would have been nice if it was out floating on the water. It seemed strange to see it stranded on the beach.

I found that is was not exactly family friendly but its a decent place to stay, especially for the budget-conscious. The rooms are next to the beach which was very important so we always had an eye on the kids and didn't have to have to walk very far to enjoy the sand and water like other Subic resorts we've been to.

It was relatively clean (beach, accommodations and dining area), another important factor. We were at another resort in Zambales a few months back and everything was perfect there except that the beach was steep, the water too deep and the current and waves rather strong so the kids couldn't play in the water. At Blue Rock the water is still shallow up to I would say about 10m so it was okay with the kids.

The food was okay, too.

All in all it was a good place to stay and worth visiting again.

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