Best Way to Discover SM Mall of Asia

by Ebby
(Paranaque City, Philippines)

List your favorite type of food!

Mall of Asia has it. From Vietnamese to Greek.

I work across the place and I frequent it every pay day. The latest shops to open include Haagen Daz - heavenly ice cream! Then for a lush treat, try Truffles -- it is just a small stall in front of Toy Kingdom on the 2nd floor and it sells the creamiest chocolates with REAL truffles! Very expensive and so a pay day special treat for myself.

For restaurants, nothing beats Super Bowl for price and quantity. There's also Mann Hann and its partner Mannang! Fantastic and affordable, super flavorful!

For Japanese innovation, try Sushi Bar on the 2nd floor where the food travels on conveyor belts and are color coded for pricing.

The real bargains I love are:
Booksale, at the back, in front of Discovery Science Center.

For clothes, there's Terranova and Surplus Shop. Terranova looks overwhelming on the outside but once you get in, you'll find that they have bargain bins of really good, fashionable clothes in the latest fashion color flavors! It's summer -- so go ice cream colors in tangerine, lime, and lemon!

The best way to discover the whole place? Planning. List your favorite items and what you are looking for.
Guess what! The guards are more than helpful, knowing which shops are open at what hour! They steered me to the right place for breakfast which was open at 8:00 whereas the others opened at the regular time of 10:00am!

Also, the cure for tired feet is the inner trams --- those open, white long carts driven by the ever cheerful men in white polo barongs. There's a tram stop at the south and north areas. It is free! And it's point to point. I haven't tried it myself as I like to prowl the mall (no, I am not a mall rat, more like a mall ferret because I ferret things out!).

Have fun and enjoy summer at the biggest Mall ever!

Oh, and don't forget the MOA (Mall of Asia) items on sale at the ground floor. It is evidence that you have gone to the Mall of Asia and seen it = T-shirts of all sizes featuring the MOA and its actual land area and image, caps, pens, notebooks and very nifty hard-bound but lightweight planners.

See you there!

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Dec 22, 2008
Best Italian and American food at MOA
by: Anonymous

When I'm on vacation and went to Mall of Asia, looking for some good but reasonable price steak for dinner with my family. I went to Toscano
Bistro in front of ManHann and boy it was a blast!

The food is so good, got my steak and my kids enjoyed their Italian Pizza. Good service and satisfied my cravings for great American food.

So far one of the best restaurants, not only in the Mall, but in the country.

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