Balut / Pinoy Balut - both OK

by klaus

I have visited the Philippines for the last 3 years. The first time in 2009, of course I tried "Balut" and I regulary eat Balut sa pulutan (afternoon snack ).

It is sold everywhere and is probably the most "Philippine" food you can get !!!

Just remenber to eat it with salt almost as if you where drinking Tequilla. The taste of the balut is almost like a hard-boiled egg. To newbies in eating Balut, start to try the "Pinoy Balut" which is without the embryo.

After you have tried the Balut, there are many other "strange" dishes like small catepillar, frog, snails, chiken interstine, but one of my favorite is the "sisik or sisic" it is made of, well I'm not sure ?????? but it is very nice and not too strong.

Bon appetite,


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Oct 11, 2011
Not Sisik
by: Tim

It is Sisig. Made from pig heads. Originating from US military garbage cans. Nice food history.


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