Balut is awesome. Especially the Liquid

by Erico Celebre

The liquid in the egg or balut is high in Vitamins BUT it is also high in cholesterol which not for people who has ailments connected to the heart E.g. Stroke, People Diagnosed that they may have heart attack if they don't balance their meal and put more cholesterol.

Balut is already a long time exotic food but, to us Filipinos we don't call it Exotic anymore because every pulutan or midnight drinks or "TAMBAY", it is already a filipino habit to eat balut as an appetizer while drinking a beer.

Balut is everywhere when the night is closing on on you. You would expect to hear people saying balut. Balut is usually put in baskets covered by thick layers of newspaper to keep in the heat.

So I hope you go to the Philippines and enjoy this delicious treat.

Once in a while in your life you will remember this visit and say ahhh Philippines is an awesome country.

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