Are Filipinas liers?

by doug

They lie even when they don't have to. This I will never understand. I had a girlfriend named Rozel S. from Campangos, Brillian, Leyte whom I met in a Makati bar on P. Burgos street in Manila in early 2012.

She had already been working at the bar for over a year when I met her. I knew she was a punter from the start and had already been fucked by hundreds of guys, foreigners and Filipinos by the time I met her. I accepted this fact. For some stupid reason I started having feelings for her.

I started to send her money and support her. She told me she had quit working at the bar and was staying in her shared apartment in Makati just watching T.V. and waiting for me to go back to P.I. and see her. In the beginning she was very pretty but as time went on she got really fat because she got drunk on Redhorse beer every day.

To make a long story short, she forgot to tell me about her other foreign boyfriends that were sending her money and her live in Filipino boyfriend who was spending it. I kept the relationship going for a few months just so I could keep seeing and fucking her.

She was a very good fuck for sure. The funny part was that she thought I believed her lies. She even took me to meet her parents as if this was something special and would give her some credibility.

Turns out it was a family business as her younger sister was doing the same thing with foreigners. All her parents did was hit me up for money. I can understand being poor, but they were so lazy! They didn't know the meaning of the word work!

She had a big scar on her stomach that she said was from a "breach birth" when some guy got her pregnant a few months before I met her. She kept changing her story about her scar and one time when she was drunk said she had a caesarian birth.

So that meant she had a baby somewhere. She just wore me out. So never believe anything a Filipina says, especially a bar girl. They are all liars.

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Being Proud
by: Anonymous

If you have money and don't support the entire family they call you PROUD.

The use the Philippines wife to put pressure on the American husband to support of her larger family.

Medical bill and such. My son was even asked to pay for maternity bills. He was now paying her family to have more babies.

Just a little help and crying and the husband gives in.

Please loan me is a request, which is another way of just implying to give them the money. Repayment is not MADE because you have already enough money and don't need it. They are SCAMMERS

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