American Traveler in Manila Zoo

(Indiana, USA)

We visited the Manila Zoo in the last week of May, 2009.

This zoo was extremely inexpensive. The total cost for my wife and me and our daughter was about $2. But, you get what you pay for. The zoo was small and the animals looked unhealthy. Many of the cages weren't marked.

We finished long before our driver returned so we had to wait for him. Near where he was to pick us up were several men trying to get us to go on a ride on some sort of horse drawn vehicle. One man, in particular, was especially enthusiastic about us riding.

To kill some time we went across the street to a park where my daughter swung on the swings. I noticed several children in the park who weren't wearing clothes and possibly lived in the park.

If you go to the Manila Zoo, just be prepared. Don't expect an American style zoo.

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