All Praises to The Mall of Asia....

My husband and I had only heard of The Mall of Asia one day before departing for the Philippines in 2007. A friend's daughter who took us to the airport had told us about it.

My sister in the Philippines never mentioned it to us. Through God's grace, an opportunity came for us to visit the huge mall. The mall is truly a gigantic place. Even my husband, who is not a Filipino, was so amazed at the structure. I was awestruck...speechless at her mega beauty. We're so proud of the Philippines.

We only made it to the South Wing, it's so unfortunate that we did not get another opportunity to return again the following day.

We walked and walked to the point that we were so exhausted, left and right ang mga shops, hindi namin alam kung sino ang uumpisahan namin, but after seeing the happy faces of the Filipinos in the mall, it's well worth it. We are going back to the Philippines next month, we hope to visit this super huge mall again.

Never compare nor find faults if one is only visiting...just be thankful that the Philippines is able to raise herself above some of the third world countries. MABUHAY!

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