After decades and 36 countries of travel I found her in fils!

by By: Mr. Ex Pat

My China-Filipino Wife To Be! (29)

My China-Filipino Wife To Be! (29)

This is nothing short of truly amazing if not unbelievable!

The Girl I've Never Seen!

I am to be Wed soon to what has got to be the most gorgeous lady I have never seen (in person yet). I am age 58 but in extraordinary health. She is 29, we met quite by accident on-line less than one month ago. We chat all the time and sms/text and make long-distant phone calls at odd hours. We get along perfectly on all subjects to the point it is eerie. I did an Astrology research and even their, we are matched-perfectly.

I am Sagittarius and she is Scorpio.

She likes the fact I am older as she distrusts men her age of 29. She was hurt by a cheater, her one and only boyfriend at her Manila University. Her picture blows my mind as her image is awesomely pretty, like that of a quintessential Asian-Brid; half Chinese and half Filipino. I am stuck on a Micronesian Island after 4.5 years of travel in SE Asia, scammed, beaten and hospitalized many times in recent violent times in Thailand.

All was stolen as well as my passport thus I was in jail 7 months last year alone. Loneliness, became my best friend and here all much got worse still until she came into my life all was unbearable as all the ladies here are married even though I am handsome as I am told by the Korean ladies here on Guam.

This is just too weird!

My new wife to be just sent me $HUGE usd to my bank today, IF you can actually believe this fact! She is so pretty it will hurt your eyes. I am in love with a girl I never even met. She could get 'any' man in a big city who is rich IF she were a common Gold Digger type. Thank God for my sake she is not.

In less than one month due to her generous kindness and desire to be with me, I will be with here in The Philippines. I will take care of her in a quiet manner attention to detail with the magnetic law intact. I am no fool...

Anonymous -US Citizen, expat forever!

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