a very pitty story of revenge

This story is nonsense I'm also filipino and u said u didnt generalized filipinas?

Are you an intelligent writer or a stupid writer?

You used the words filipinas so many time. I met a Malaysian scammer and my friend was killed by his Malaysian husband but did you see anything that filipinos wrote something about Malaysians?

I'm not very intelligent but I can understand well the story. Its just talks about your stupidity why you fall in love to a wrong filipina.

To me its about love and how stupid we are when we fall in love.

Its not something about being filipina or your being Malaysian. From the very start of your story you known that the girl is already taken and you break your familys rule about not to fall in love to any woman who is already taken?

You just do that because you fall for her. No other reason. You said she traped you for money?

Did you asked yourself why you gave her money? Is it sympathy, empathy or because you can have free sex with her? Or maybe you really loved her.

Did you asked the girl if shes happy if shes having sex with you? Or maybe she just close her eyes evrytime you and her having sex just because of your money.

Do you think you really helped her out of prostitution? NO!!! you don't!

She maybe just swallow her pride and surrender her body to you because you trapped her and you know her weakness MONEY!

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