"A breathtaking Manila Bay Sunset at the Mall of Asia"

by Lia Ocampo
(Manila, Phillippines)

When one travels to Manila, one of the things to do is to see the Manila Bay sunset. The best place to view the Manila Bay sunset is at the walkway of the Mall of Asia (MOA).

MOA is one popular destination for Filipinos, for foreigners and for vacationing overseas workers to shop, to eat, to watch movie at IMAX theatre, for ice skating and for kids recreation. The walkway at MOA is also a popular place for walking, jogging, to chill out while listening to band performers and for fireworks show. The place is nice, big, clean, airy and secured.

Viewing the spectacular sunset at MOA is a must see when you visit Manila. You can get the perfect scenic view of sunset while capturing the best shots of sunset photos. The brightness of the sun slowly transforms into vibrant of yellow then blend into orange and then fade into red. The sun sets behind the mountains while it reflects on the water of Manila Bay.

If you are like me who has a passion for sunset and wants to do a free and therapeutic recreation, you would agree that watching sunset is a good pastime. To view the sunset is a valuable use of your time, to appreciate a wonderful creation. It is spending few moments of your time to reflect while being mesmerized by the beauty of nature.

For tourists who plan to visit Manila, keep in mind to view the breathtaking Manila Bay Sunset at MOA. It is indeed beautiful and a great experience.

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