Wild On E! Philippines Part 7 - Body Painted Dancers!

Wild on E! Philippines is a series of 7 Philippine Travel Videos.

This is part 6 of the 7 episodes, it is hosted by Brooke Burke and Kristin Malia.

The final Episode of the Wild Philippines series stays in Cebu.

Kristin Malia looks through the Cebu City Markets, which have everything on sale from fresh fruit and veggies to live animals and the most bizarre of the lot, human teeth, don't ask me.

Now the series of Wild on Philippines would not be complete unless we had a final look at the nightlife in Cebu.

You will not be disappointed either, check out the body painted models......

Got to admit Cebu looks like it has a fun time partying as well.

Wild On E! Philippines Part 7 (4.12)


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