Subic Bay -An Honest Review

by Julie
(San Marcelino)

Subic Bay could be a good place to visit but unfortunately, it's not! Most of the beaches are heavily polluted, particularly those in the Barrio Barretto area.

The restaurants in Barrio Barretto are average. If you like Filipino food (lots of sugar, oil and fat) or American food (more of the same) then you're in luck. If on the other hand you prefer Mediterranean cuisine, you won't find it in Subic Bay. There are one or two slightly better restaurants in the Freeport but overall the standards are pretty low. Accommodation is also average.

There are a couple of places worth visiting. Ocean Adventure is well run as is Camayan Beach Resort.

Barrio Barreto is DOM (Dirty Old Men) territory. It's not as bad as Angeles but the bars and accommodation cater to this market.

If you want to experience fine dining then go to YATS Restaurant in Clark. It's worth the drive.

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