Settle down in Bantayan Island

by Gerry
(Hamburg, Germany)

I arrived in Cebu City and it was very crowded.

I was in the Crown Regency what is in the center of the city, but I wanted to see the nature as well.

In Mactan Island there are only expensive hotel beaches, so I found a package tour of my personal travel guide of my choice going to Bantayan Island.

The flight from Cebu is only 20 minutes and cost the same as a taxi but the taxi and ferry would need 3.5 - 4 hours. We booked a romantic beach resort called "" It was only 1,5 km from the airport (only small machines)in a small village called Marikaban (a suburb from Santa Fe) They have a shuttle service to all restaurants or they served us the meals on the terrace.

I booked there the single package for 2 weeks but in the end I stayed there 4 weeks in the DeLuxe Apartment. My personal travel guide and me get to know better and we decided now to live there on Bantayan Island.

So I found my destiny. Its pure nature but only 20 minutes from Cebu City, where you can go shopping and have your civilization.

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