Rodello's Bed & Breakfast Manila

by Bill

We stayed at this Bed & Breakfast near the airport called Rodello's Bed & Breakfast.

It was a great stay and even though we stayed only a couple of days the owners really made sure we were taken cared of. If you're flying in and are just a transit guest it's great because it's near the airport and they offer pick up and drop off service.

I haven't stayed there for more than a week but they offer discounts for extended stay guests, a great idea for returning Filipino nationals and long term visitors who want to save on their accommodation costs.

The place also has a gym and spa along with its fair share of amenities including free wi-fi, Cable TV and of course the basics, Cable TV, air conditioned rooms, heated water and comfortable beds.

Make sure you give them a call if you're planing to stay in Manila.

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